Bought with Lucas in 2022

Lucas has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

At a high level, Lucas is trustworthy, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, connected, direct, and responsive. His style is not pushy or "sales-y", which helped my partner and I feel comfortable throughout the entire process. We honestly can't recommend Lucas highly enough!

Lucas was very flexible with our process and strategy. We knew we wanted to move fast, make several offers until we landed a home, and be budget conscious. In total it took us 64 days from the day we met Lucas to the day we closed on our home.

Below we breakdown our process with Lucas and how he added value at each step...

To begin with, we needed help finding a flexible lender. We had a somewhat unique situation and needed a lender that could work with us. Lucas immediately helped us get connected to lenders that were more nimble and responsive. We ultimately went with a different lender, but it was great that Lucas had our back right out of the gate.

In terms of finding inventory, my partner and I really enjoyed searching for homes to visit. Lucas recommended homes as well, but was very receptive to deferring to us. We found it helpful to visit the first open house with Lucas during the weekends. This helped ensure we had a tight feedback loop between my partner, Lucas, and myself. Lucas always made time for us to visit homes we were especially excited about - oftentimes we were the first buyer to visit. Lucas was very patient with us since we visited our favorite homes three or four times in total.

While we toured the homes, Lucas was great about giving us the right level of space to "take it in". We never felt rushed and he respected how big of a purchase this was for us. During the  home tours, Lucas also pointed out key positives and negatives of the property. This helped us have a more objective point of view when evaluating each property. He also helped us understand what it would roughly cost to improve certain parts of the home - renovating a bathroom, updating the backyard, new roof, etc. This really helped us get comfortable from a budget point of view. Lucas taught us a key lesson - to think really hard about the lifestyle that the home and neighborhood would provide us. Lucas did a good job on helping us think about the big picture without getting lost in the details.

After we visited homes, we'd share feedback, prioritize, and request disclosure packets. These packets are often hundreds of pages. Lucas would patiently walk us through each and every page to ensure we understood the details of the home and deal. We really appreciated and respected Lucas's attention to detail during this phase.

Concurrently, we'd also start to look at comps of similar nearby homes. Lucas did a good job finding relevant homes and estimating the home's value. Early on the estimates were ultimately too low, which made us realize the market was hotter than we had all anticipated. Lucas proactively created a spreadsheet to summarize the listing prices and closing prices of recent homes so we had a very clear picture of the market. This helped us realize we needed to be more aggressive with our offers. Lucas let us arrive at this conclusion on our own.

During the offer phase, Lucas deferred to us on setting the offer price. We never felt Lucas was pushy during this phase. We knew some of our early offers were unlikely to win, but Lucas still supported us so that we could learn from the process. This helped us have more confidence and conviction for the next wave of homes.

Once we had a signed purchase agreement, Lucas was great at helping coordinate the closing process. Closing is complicated because there are several parties - buyer, seller, agents, lenders, insurance companies, escrow company, etc. Lucas developed a relationship with each of these parties and was able to move things forward on schedule. Lucas did a great job over-communicating early and often during this phase.

After we closed on the house, Lucas continued to go above and beyond! Our home needs a fair bit of cosmetic work and a new roof. Lucas successfully connected us to a general contractor and roofing company that we are now working with. Lucas even joined the early meetings with contractors to ensure we were in good hands. It was the perfect balance of hands-on but also allowing us to take the reins when it made sense.

Overall, Lucas is an amazing realtor and person. You are lucky if you get to work with him.

-Matt Z.

Bought with Lucas in 2021

Lucas was our agent for our first home purchase in San Francisco. We honestly can't say enough great things about him!

We had initially started our home search with another agent, who we found pushy and impatient. After a few months, we switched over to Lucas based on his great reviews and referrals.

My wife and I are very picky, and looked at a lot of houses, taking over a year to find our now home. Lucas was ever patient, responsive, honest and flexible even with all of our quirks and preferences. - we didn't feel rushed at all during the process and he worked really hard to find us a place we could call home.

Beyond explanations of the standard home buying process, Lucas shared many tips along the way - demonstrating that he has the perfect balance of industry expertise, personal touch and street smarts. As we toured homes with Lucas we learned many things about ourselves, our budget, preferences, and deal breakers, and how the crazy San Francisco housing market works.

As we evaluated houses, Lucas shared honest opinions, and helped us evaluate how much work would need to be done with any particular house so we would get a clear idea for the total cost of ownership. He was always timely with providing comps with both analytical rigor as well as subjective adjustments, to help us triangulate on the expected price for the houses we looked at.

When we finally found our dream house, as luck would have it, Lucas happened to be on a short pre-planned vacation at the same time as the selling agent was taking offers. Despite this, Lucas went out of his way to be there for us - coordinating multiple showings, arranging competitive financing, working through some thorny title issues, all the while making sure that we were seen as competitive prospective buyers by the selling agent. Lucas also arranged for his trusted contractor to walk through the property with us so we could get an clear itemized list of what work would be needed to get the house ready for move in. This gave us confidence that we were making the right offer at the right price. All in all, Lucas never missed a beat, and we won the house with a strong and competitive offer. Because of the work Lucas had done to put forth a strong case for us, the selling agent went with our offer even when other bidders countered to match.

After getting into contract, Lucas continued to provide white glove service, with everything from financing and getting the house to a timely close, to introductions to designers, architects, and contractors. Lucas still checks in on us every now and then to see how he can help!

We highly recommend working with Lucas!

-Sid and Neha

Bought with Lucas in 2021

Lucas is a rockstar agent! I worked with him on a recent condo purchase in Mission Bay and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to buy real estate in San Francisco. He is a great partner and handles each transaction with rigor and integrity.

What stood out most about his work style:

Attention to detail and tenacity in diligence: Lucas is very detail-oriented and leaves no stone unturned when doing diligence on a property. He spent countless hours walking me through disclosures, making sure I understood the nuances of each property and getting any and all questions answered. No matter how obscure the question, he always found the person that would get me reliable information.

Market knowledge and genuine curiosity for real estate. He is a wealth of knowledge about the San Francisco real estate market. His guidance helped me think through a possible TIC conversion, investigate a possible loft remodel and deal with concerning inspection results. What more, he’s passionate about the business and always interested in learning more about the market (even if it meant touring properties that I was unlikely to buy).

Client-oriented approach: He is very responsive, very dependable and always willing to provide guidance on a situation. However, as the buyer I was always in the driver’s seat. He genuinely wanted me to find the property that met my needs, at the price I wanted to pay and was willing to spend as much effort as was necessary to achieve that goal.

The SF real estate market is not for the faint at heart, but you’re in good hands with Lucas.


Bought with Lucas in 2021

I’ve just become a home owner with Lucas' help! I was referred from a friend to Lucas for two main reasons:

- **Lucas has off-market resources**, this is crucial in the SF market where as soon as houses are posted on Zillow/Redfin they are immediately in Pending state. Off-market meaning I can go in a reasonable date time to visit the house and then even have one more hour to decide.

- **Non-pushy approach**. Lucas is not the sell-sell-sell kind of agent, he is more calm and "if you want let's go see, if you want to skip for a period, that's fine too". I feel very uncomfortable when people ask me "how do you feel about this house", it's clear that I don't have intention to buy it but also I don't want to judge a house that someone else would appreciate. Lucas does NOT ask me awkward question like that!

My experience with Lucas was just GREAT! I provided my checklist and every house Lucas showed me was up-to-spec and some exceeded expectations with amazing views! When touring Lucas also shows me what it means to buy a renovated house vs new, where do I expect to pay more insurance because the foundation is old, etc. Lucas is very knowledgeable and proactively points out things that I didn't even notice but definitely should. Lucas is also full of connections like contractors or movers, and he was extremely helpful in estimating the cost that I was going to do after buying a house. This helps a lot in understanding the total cost for budgeting.

Lucas guided me throughout the entire purchase process, he helped me to offer the right amount to get accepted, he connected me with different banks looking for the best mortgage interest rate, he pushed the bank and escrow when they weren't responsive, he gave me clear ETA's on which tasks I should complete and guide me through the next steps. Lucas was always responsive. I really ask a lot, a lot, a lot of questions, but he is always patient and help me to understand the cause, the impact, the priorities. I cannot imagine reading all those documents without his help, Lucas walked me through the paperwork and explained every section what I should be paying attention to, definition of the technical terms, etc. He even pointed out mistakes from bank and escrow statements!

Buying a home is stressful, but with Lucas it was so much FUN!


Bought with Lucas in 2021

Lucas is a fantastic real estate agent. Knowledgeable, patient and honest, it's clear Lucas loves helping his clients find exactly what they're looking for, even if it takes a while! I never felt rushed or pressured throughout the 9 months we worked together, looking for our perfect San Francisco home. Instead Lucas encouraged us to take our time, and be patient. We saw many places, and I could always depend on Lucas to give the unvarnished truth about every single one. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucas to anyone looking for a real estate agent. He'll take great care of you. Buying a home with Lucas is fun!


Working with Lucas has been amazing. We used to work with another agent prior and we really didn't like the pushiness and the rush they would put on us. With Lucas we found the perfect balance between proactiveness and responsiveness without getting pushed. He explained every time possible issues with houses we checked to make sure we knew what we were getting into. He also gave us great insights on properties not yet on the market and in the end we were able to avoid the rush and the SF competition because of that.

I think in one sentence, Lucas is the kind of agent you invite to your housewarming and become friends with!


Bought with Lucas in 2021

Lucas is BY FAR the absolute best realtor we have had the pleasure of working with. He has gone above and beyond every expectation we could have possibly had. He was thorough, detailed, and overly communicative through the process. His work ethic is unmatched. Even after our close, he remained incredibly helpful and engaged tying up loose ends and to-dos on our list. We are forever clients of Lucas', and can proudly call him a trusted friend and advisor.

-Jason and Colleen

Sold with Lucas in 2021

We recently sold our home in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to have Lucas represent us in the sale. Lucas listened to us and respected our input. He was patient with our attachment to our home and what we thought it was worth. He appreciated its historic value and knew it was a special neighborhood. He guided us in a direction that enabled us to sell it very quickly getting a very high price. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable about the market, real estate practices and is overall extremely professional in his dealings. The buying agent even complimented his knowledge and professionalism. I would recommend Lucas to everyone I know.

-Steve and Stephanie

Sold with Lucas in 2020

Lucas is the best. There is no other way to describe it. He came in to give me an assessment of my home. He took as much time as I needed to answer questions. And I called him a lot!  Every time I called him, I texted him, or even emailed him, he replied right away making me feel like I was his only client. I had such personalized attention. And, when I relocated to Southern California, he set up appointments for me to see properties there. He followed up on everything. He was honest, transparent, and responsive. I demanded a lot and he never complained. Having Lucas through the sale of my home truly gave me peace of mind. His professionalism and knowledge are much better than realtors I’ve used in the past.  He anticipated my every need and guided me along the way. I’m so grateful to have partnered with him in the sale of my home.


Bought with Lucas in 2020

Lucas is a very skilled and fun agent to work with. He was very generous with his time and was always happy to explain things to a first time home buyer. He was very thorough, walking me through the entire process, explaining everything along the way, and always kept me comfortable the whole time. From explaining what was in the massive disclosure packages and which items to look out for, to running me through the history of that neighborhood and what types of buildings were there, I always felt that I had the information I needed to make a safe and well-informed decision. I would absolutely recommend Lucas to anyone looking to buy a home in SF.


Bought with Lucas in 2020

Look no further than Lucas. My experience with Lucas and his team surpassed any "full service" realtor that I have used in the past. Lucas always made time for me no matter how busy he was, and it was clear that he genuinely cared. He is extremely knowledgeable about real estate, negotiating, and the bay area market. The bay area housing market is complete madness, and after looking for two years, multiple offers.. Lucas is the reason I am a homeowner today and scored a great deal.


Bought with Lucas in 2020

Lucas is the man! Not only did he always keep our best interests at heart, he patiently walked us through the process and made sure we understood everything. I've worked with a lot of real estate agents and Lucas is by far the best one around! I highly recommend giving Lucas a call.


Bought with Lucas in 2019

Lucas was extraordinarily helpful in my first home purchase. He was responsive to all of my questions, provided a lot of insight into issues I was previously unaware of, and did phenomenal home walkthroughs in person. I'd recommend Lucas to anyone looking to buy or sell in San Francisco.


Bought with Lucas in 2019

My husband and I worked with Lucas to buy our first home and I am positive the process would have been much more stressful had it not been for Lucas and his positive attitude coupled with his clear passion for helping people and knowledge of real estate. He answered all of the questions we had and was honest and transparent when we wanted an opinion. He listened to what we wanted and made sure our needs were met. I would absolutely recommend him as an agent to anyone looking to buy a home.


Bought with Lucas in 2019

Lucas was great to work with especially as a first time home buyer. He explained all real estate terms and processes and was very patient and responsive. He worked with me and my schedule, and always looked out for my best interest as a buyer. This process would not have been the same without him and words can't express my gratitude for his expertise, time, patience, and for of course helping me close my first home!


Bought with Lucas in 2019

Lucas guided us through the process of buying our first home in the bay area. Throughout the process, Lucas made sure to explain and point us to the right details to pay attention to.

Coming in, we were expecting a long and painful process in a sellers market. With Lucas' guidance and dedication (he doesn't sleep, seriously!) we were successful at closing our home within 2 months!

If you're new to the home buying and looking for a realtor that has the patience to answer your million newbie questions, Lucas is your guy!


Bought with Lucas in 2020

Lucas is an incredible agent - knowledgeable, attentive and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Lucas to anyone looking for an agent. Having him with us while purchasing our home made the entire process so much less stressful. He made sure we found the home of our dreams and gave his honest opinion when we asked for it. He made sure we had all of the information we needed and explained every step of the process so there were no surprises. Working with Lucas was a wonderful experience and we couldn't have asked for a better agent.



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